Admission Enquiry

  1. The admission for academic year 22-23 to begin online from 15th Oct 2022. 
  2. All admission details available after the submission of the inquiry form. 
  3. Admissions are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. 
  4. All those seeking admission in Grade 1 must produce satisfactory evidence of his/her date of birth such as a certificate from Municipal or village records. 
  5. New admissions are not granted to Grade X and XII. 
  6. For Grade 1 Admission Preference will be given to students from Little Aryan’s 

Age Criteria  

Age Eligibility criteria for admission to Arya Gurukul is detailed in the table given below for the academic year 2022-2023.


Born on or before

Age as on 31st March 2022

Grade I

31st December 2016

5 Years 3 Months (completes 6 years on 31st Dec 2022)

Grade II to IX & XI

Report card of the previous year, which states whether the child has
been promoted to the next class and the transfer certificate/school leaving
certificate countersigned by the district education department/CBSE Board.

Admission Enquiry